Get the Best Wedding Photography in Canberra

A person’s wedding is one of the most beautiful days in their life. It marks the union of two beautiful souls who are in love. Therefore, undoubtedly, this is a day that the bride and the groom would want to remember in all its splendour. From the tiniest moments that made them smile, to the all-important time when they exchange their vows, all the images of the wedding are worth capturing and preserving. You can take the chance of letting your amateur photographer friends and relatives take on this important task. But is it really worth taking this risk? You could end up with some very disappointing photographs that do not capture the atmosphere and vibe of the wedding. Therefore get professional photographers for this most important day in your life. Get the best wedding photography in Canberra with Creative Image Photography. […]

Canberra Wedding Photography at its Best

Who wouldn’t want to capture each and every precious moment of their wedding in the form of an image? Wouldn’t you like to turn the pages of your wedding album one day and be able to feel the exact same emotions you felt on that important day? Nowadays, each and every individual owns a camera and many think of themselves as photographers. But sadly, this is not the case. Not everybody can take photographs that can capture that fleeting moment where there is a loving look, a knowing smile or understand the importance of using light. That is why you should avoid hiring any Tom, Dick or Harry as your wedding photographer. You need to have a real professional for this all important day. That is why we believe that you should contact Creative Image Photography. We can offer you creativity like no other photographer can. We can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our Canberra wedding photography. […]

Are You Looking For Wedding Photographers in Canberra?

Your wedding is the most important day in your life and you obviously want to be able to look back and remember every single important detail of this special day.  Memory fades with time therefore you will need the help of a more long-lasting way to remember the emotions of the day.  And the best way is by  photography. Sure, your friends and relatives will bring along their digital cameras and take snaps with the bride and groom. However, on this very special day, you will want something more professional than the snaps taken by your loved ones. That is why we at Creative Image Photography propose that you hire our professional photographers for your wedding photography needs in Canberra. […]

Gold Creek Chapel Wedding

One of the greatest pleasures is photographing a wedding for a friend.   On this occasion my good friend Mel, from Mel Hill Photography, and I had the privilege of photographing Anna and Stan's wedding at the Gold Creek Chapel. Many of you will know Stan - the owner of 3D Entertainment and now he and [...]