Choosing a wedding photographer can be a slow and daunting experience.  Where do you start?  All photographers have photos on their websites, different prices, different packages and very different photographic styles.

Some factors that will affect which photographer you choose are:

How important are photographs to you.  Some people are happy with ‘snaps’ whereas others demand high quality, creative, beautiful photographs of the days’ events.

The wedding photographer’s style.  Are you drawn to the photographs and can you feel some of the emotion from the images.  It is not a good idea to select a photographer just based on price if you don’t like the photographs!

Budget – a big one!  Some people save on other areas such as cars, to get the photographer they want.  Some of the more ‘known’ photographers offer lower priced options as well, so ask!

Package inclusions.  Some people want albums, prints or the rights to the files.  Once again, ask the photographer to quote on what you are looking for.

The wedding photographers personality.  You don’t want to spend the day with a boring, bossy person!  The photographer will be about 2 metres from you all day!!  Make sure you get along.

Your sense of peace – knowing you have a professional to take the photographs so you WILL get the results you are after.

Professional photographer vs part time amateur

 Today, everyone is a photographer.  Many people buy a ‘nice’ camera and decide to start a photography business.  They hope the new electronic cameras will provide perfect shots all the time (wish they did!), so they don’t bother with any training or education.   First they start shooting friends babies and families and then have a try at a wedding – maybe yours!!

How do you know if they are a professional photographer?

One way is to look very closely at a wide range of their work.  Can they handle poor lighting situations, are the photographs crisp and clear, do they have ‘something’ extra about them?

The easiest way is to check if they are a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP).  To become a member, the photographer has their work and business scrutinised by the professional body and everything must be of a superior standard before they can join.   Members must also continually study to maintain their membership.

In the AIPP there is a structure based on experience, awards and professional ability.  You start as an Emerging member, then become an Accredited member.  After achieving high levels of awards, members are then awarded the status of Master of Photography.

Why are the prices so different?

There are no standard price levels so every photographer can charge what the wish for their work.  Generally, prices reflect a number of things:

Level of experience and qualifications – most professionals are tertiary trained and are capable of working under ANY lighting circumstances so they can cope with the most difficult situations.

Creative ability – the more creative and artistic photographers charge according to the amount of effort and time they put into the work they produce.

Demand –those with excellent reputations could be a little more expensive due to the popularity of their work,

Package inclusions – check these carefully as they vary considerably.  Some cheaper packages have low quality albums, files with markings on them etc

Insurances – all professional level photographers will have the correct insurances to cover YOU in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

Standard and amount of equipment – like any professional, it is critical to have good quality tools.  Your photographer should have 2 cameras, spare batteries, flash units etc to ensure equipment failure doesn’t ruin your day.  On the wedding day, you don’t want to hear ‘oh, my camera has died can I borrow one of your guests’  (this happens! – in fact it happened again just the other day, their photographer (a friend) ended up using an iphone to capture the wedding photography!!!!)

Professionalism – A professional approach to the whole process, including contracts that protect both parties, facilities to show their work, attitude etc

Passion – much overlooked, but your photographer should be passionate and committed about shooting your wedding.  They should be excited about sharing your day.

Guarantee’s – does the photographer guarantee their work?

Do you need one or two photographers?

Sometimes it is handy to have two photographers cover your wedding.  However most times a single professional photographer is more than capable of capture all of those candid moments.

There are times when two photographers can be required, so ensure the ‘second’ photographer has some experience. Sadly, some photographers when starting out employ friends (also untrained) to assist them in shooting the wedding to ensure they ‘get the shot’, so the quality of the extra photographs just isn’t there.  It is better to have one very good photographer than two average photographers!


So when making your final choice ensure that the photographic style is exactly what you are after, the photographer (him or herself) is approachable, friendly and easy to get along with and the price is fair for the quality of work being done.

The best way to find the ‘right’ photographer is to look at their work on line and if you like what you see, arrange an appointment to view more of the work, get to know the photographer and discuss your requirements in detail.

Photography on your wedding day is one of the most important things you need to organise as it will become your only way to remember exactly what happened on the day.

This is the time to decide what sort of photographs and type of photographic coverage you want.   Do you do something a little different, do you have your friends or family take the photographs or do you hire a professional photographer to capture the essence and emotions of the day.

A wedding is an important time in the life of a couple as on this one day they become a  bride and groom and the day that officially marks the beginning of a new life together.

This beginning should be captured in a way that makes you feel a little different and unique and reflect your personalities, personal preferences and give you lasting memories. To get that kind of quality you need a Canberra wedding photographer who is willing to listen to what you want and has the technical skills to produce it.

Where to start?

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There are a number of professional wedding photo packages available and there is also the option for you to do  pre wedding photo sessions (also called engagement photography sessions, or couple shoots).  These are a great idea for any couple who want photos taken before their wedding. They are usually taken outside and you can even have the option of having certain themes for your shoot.

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