Well, we didn’t start the day at the very beautiful Lake George Winery.  We actually started just west of Goulburn on Caroline’s parents amazing property.

The sun was shining and the wind was blowing – a bit on the cool side – so I felt for the ladies who were feeling it the most.  They were very brave and loved their fur wraps!  At the conclusion of the ceremony, Caroline and Tim were rained on by colourful confetti – I think her parents will be finding the small pieces of paper for years to come!  We had some fun seeing how many groomsmen we could fit in a portable loo!  And also did some crazy hipster style stuff – no expression, dead pan look, – ha ha love it!

We then took advantage of the scenery on the property before we headed in to Goulburn to squeeze the last rays of light out of the day.  Love the Old Court House building – it is amazing.   My hard working assistant Brianna found herself in some unusual places to get the shots she wanted – which turned out beautifully.

Finally we headed off to Lake George Winery for the reception where the best men did their best to embarrass Tim during the speeches.  Once again the food was amazing!  yummm!

Lake George Winery weddings – a perfect place to go.

fun Goulburn wedding photography

Goulburn area wedding photography

Goulburn Court House wedding lake george winery weddings


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