canberra pre wedding photography session, If you are like most couples, the only photos you have of you both together are the ‘selfies’ ie  hold the camera up, heads together, put on your best look (depending how sober) and click, there it is.

A ‘pre wedding’ session is the same as an ‘engagement shoot’, ‘couples session’ or ‘beloved session’, there are many names for the same thing which is basically a creative, fun photo shoot for the two of you.  The shoot itself is conducted outdoors in a place of your choosing (depending on weather etc.) and normally goes for approximately  an hour.  They are very popular for couples who can see the benefits of getting some beautiful photos of themselves before the wedding.

Some of the benefits are:

  • You will end up with heaps of amazing photographs that will include couple and individual shots,
  • The photo session is relaxed, heaps of fun and you can wear whatever you like – even change a couple of times, so the photos will reflect the more casual and natural you,
  • The session can be themed for added fun and creativity,
  • You can bring your pets or other things you love e.g. a motorbike, kite, musical instrument, fry pan (?)
  • It can be done anytime before the wedding so you can take advantage of a different time of year e.g. Autumn
  • The photos can be used on any invitations or other stationary for the wedding,
  • You can give them to parents for Christmas or birthdays, so a huge saving on the cost of gifts.
  • You will experience how easy it is to be in front of the camera and we will discuss some tips to make the wedding day photographs even more fun,
  • We will get to know each other more,
  • There is also the option of including some video – fantastic addition when it is shown at the wedding just before you enter – lots of tears!!!

I don’t even have to do your wedding photography for you to come along and do a pre-wedding photography session.  So please contact me and we can chat about the many options available and I could end up as your Canberra wedding photographer.